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        1. 单/双侧面三分赛车
        2. 圆瓶三分赛车
        3. 平面三分赛车
        4. 旋转式高速三分赛车
        5. 即时/在线打印三分赛车
        6. 热熔胶三分赛车
        7. 套标机
        8. CY-GDR6 一次性大桶旋转机

          CY-GDR6 一次性大桶旋转机
          Full Automatic High Speed Rotary Labeling Machine
          本机型适用4.5L 5L 7.5L 10L一次性桶装水和其他大桶的高速贴标、圆瓶的三面、四面包围贴标等。
          型号 CY-GDR6 
          使用电源 AC380V;50Hz;5.5KW
          出标速度 60米/分钟
          贴标精度 ± 1mm
          标签最大高度 195mm
          标签纸芯内径  Φ76.2mm
          标签最大外径 Φ400mm
          整机尺寸   L3048x W2000 xH2100mm
          Technical Parameters:
          Type    CY-G30Y
          Power supply   AC380V,50Hz,5.5KW
          Labeling capacity  60m/min
          Labeling accuracy  ±1mm
          Label max.height  195mm
          Label paper core’s inn.dia.  Φ76.2mm
          Label ext.dia   Φ400mm
          Overall measurement  L3048 x W2000 x H2100mm
          Product Characteristic:
          This machine is suitable for the flat bottle,round bottle of single side,double side and square bottles on three sides,surrounded by all labeling.
          Product positioning labeling can be realized. Adopt mechanical positioning, the use of the appearance of the container itself shape, looking for anchor point, improve the reliability of the equipment.
          Headers can be adjusted multidimensional space: header can achieve 8 d adjustment, Angle adjustment, additional position indicator, accurate positioning adjustment. Regulation institutions all achieve rapid adjustment, without tools.
          All parts of each structure by the numerical control processing, parts with high precision, ensure the accuracy of equipment level.
          Using the screw and the star wheel match into the bottle out of the bottle, to ensure high-speed operation, products in and out of the smooth and stable.
          750W high power, large torque ultra small inertia give mark imported servo motor, a standard speed can reach 60m/min.
          When production speed can reach 20000 bottles/hour, but with the high speed filling line wire production, greatly improving the production speed, saving the cost of production.