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              1. 单/双侧面三分赛车
              2. 圆瓶三分赛车
              3. 平面三分赛车
              4. 旋转式高速三分赛车
              5. 即时/在线打印三分赛车
              6. 热熔胶三分赛车
              7. 套标机
              8. CY-050 全自动圆瓶三分赛车

                CY-050 全自动圆瓶三分赛车
                Universal Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine 
                Product Characteristic:
                This CY-050 labeling machine is applicable to label cylinder bottles for daily chemicals,beverages,pharmaceuticals and simple to manage. 
                The famous high precise serve motor drive the labeling head and control to convey the labels. The controlling system adopts SIEMENS PLC and famous human interface,the human interface can be operated in Chinese and English.
                The structure is so concise that it is easy to operate and repair for worker. 
                No changing parts are required for different bottle sizes because the detaching set is all-purpose. The advanced kind human interface system, on-line helping system, really human-machine communicating,it is easy to operate so the worker can operate the machine in several hours.
                型号  CY-050
                贴标速度 45米/分钟
                贴标精度  ±1mm
                贴标最大宽度  130mm(还可根据需要增加宽度)
                被贴物尺寸   Φ30-Φ110mm
                适用标签卷内径  76.2mm
                适用标签卷外径   最大Φ350mm
                整机尺寸  2000*1000*1400(mm)
                使用电力   220V;50Hz;1500W
                使用气源  4-6KG 30L/min
                Technical Parameters:
                Type  CY-050
                Production speed   45m/min
                Labeling accuracy   ±1mm
                Label max width  130mm(can be raised according to the require)
                Bottle diameter Φ30mm-Φ110mm
                Label inner diameter Φ76.2mm
                Label outer diameter  maxΦ350mm
                Outline size 2000X1000X1400(mm)
                Using power   220V;50Hz;1500W
                Air source  4-6KG  30L/min